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The ALOHA Mental Arithmetic programme is based on the visualization and conceptualization. This means that children learn to visualize the problems and tasks in the from of images. This leads to improved understanding, increased memory and analytical skills acquisition, which have an overal positive effect on school performance.

The ALOHA Mental Arithmetic program is open to all children regardless of their academic level or qualifications in certain school subjects. Through the program children improve in the subject of mathematics, but also experience a significant improvement in the subjects through the development of right hemisphere (memory, concentration, etc.) A balance between right and left hemisphere is established.
In addition to the two hours per week of class, the child should practice at home ALOHA Mental Arithmetic for 5-10 minutes a day to make a better advantage of the program.
The minimum age to start the program is 5 years and the maximum is 13. Several scientific studies have shown that the period in which the greater brain development occurs is between 0 and 16 years approximately.
Because at this age children know how to read, write and they also understand the meaning of numbers from 0 to 9.
Because the numbers 0 to 9 are international and are taught the same way all over the world. Furthermore, the numbers relate to everyday life and thus, the practice develops the brain by visualizing the abacus.

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